Ways Ahead

Proceedings of the First International Csound Conference

Joachim Heintz, Alex Hofmann, Iain McCurdy
Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2013
ISBN (10): 1-4438-4758-5, ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-4758-2

Table of Contents



Csound Past, Present and Future — Richard Boulanger
How to become a Csound Root? — Interview with John ffitch
Licensing Csound to LGPL — Interview with Richard Boulanger


User-Developer Round Table I: The Technology of Csound — Victor Lazzarini
Writing Csound Opcodes in Lua — Michael Gogins
The Csound API — Interview with Michael Gogins
Csound and Object-Orientation — Reza Payami
The Hadron Plugin and the Partikkel Opcode — Interview with Øyvind Brandtsegg
Developing Csound Plugins with Cabbage — Rory Walsh
Wavelets in Csound — Gleb G. Rogozinsky


Performing with Csound — Interview with Richard Boulanger
Fingers in the Waves — Interview with John Clements
Spinning Pendulum Clock — Interview with Takahiko Tsuchiya
Razor Chopper — Interview with Øyvind Brandtsegg
..Ed Io Sto Al Centro — Interview with Enrico Francioni
Geographies — Interview with Giacomo Grassi
Zeitformation — Interview with Jan Jacob Hofmann
...und lächelnd ihr Übel umarmen... — Interview with Wolfgang Motz
The Echo — Interview with Reza Payami
Três Quadros Sobre Pedra — Interview with Luís Antunes Pena
Vineta — Interview with Elke Swoboda
Chebychev — Interview with Tarmo Johannes
The Rite of Judgment — Interview with Nicola Monopoli
Csound Haiku: A Sound Installation — Iain McCurdy
Continuous Flow Machines — Clemens von Reusner


The Csound Journal — Interview with Steven Yi and James Hearon
Developing CsoundQt — Interview with Andrés Cabrera
Python Scripting in CsoundQt — Andrés Cabrera
Composing Circumspectral Sounds — Peiman Khosravi
Creating Reverb Effects using Granular Synthesis — Kim Ervik and Øyvind Brandtsegg
Introducing Csound for Live — Richard Boulanger
Composing with Blue — Steven Yi The UDO Database — Steven Yi and Joachim Heintz


User-Developer Round Table II: Learning and Teaching Csound — Iain McCurdy
A Personal View on Teaching Csound — Gleb G. Rogozinsky
PWGL: A Score Editor for CSound — Massimo Avantaggiato
QUINCE: A Modular Approach to Music Editing — Maximilian Marcoll
Csound at HMTM Hannover — Interview with Joachim Heintz and Alex Hofmann
The Csound Real-time Collection — Iain McCurdy
Teaching with Csound — Interview with Peiman Khosravi and Rory Walsh
Collaborative Documentation of Open Source Music Software: The Csound Floss Manual — Alex Hofmann, Iain McCurdy, and Joachim Heintz
Impressions of the First International Csound Conference
Schedule of the First International Csound Conference